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Elisabeth Goldberg, LMFT


  • Emotional Connection- Sometimes partners find themselves emotionally disconnected. They do not know how to offer support or show concern in the way the other needs. People have different emotional needs. If you find yourself giving the kind of love you would want but it is not being received with acknowledgement, your relationship would benefit greatly from learning new emotional connection skills. Relationships will not thrive in the absence of a strong foundation of trust and security. 

  • Sexual Intimacy- I often meet couples that have not been sexually intimate for many months, sometimes even years. There is a dynamic of avoidance that is being maintained and must be confronted in order for sexual activity to resume. This topic is particularly difficult for couples to talk about. Our work will provide you with a safe language for communicating sexual needs and a deeper understanding of how and why things have gotten to this point. 

  • Communication Skills- With all of the ways in which to stay in contact, our expectations of our partner's availability have risen, sometimes beyond what is reasonable or realistic. It is difficult to say, "I'm sorry, I am busy," without offending the other. We will negotiate the terms of daily contact in a respectful manner so that each partner's voice is heard, and come to an agreement about acceptable expectations of partner's responsiveness. 

  • Premarital Counseling- It is vital for couples to prepare for marriage responsibly. Too often I hear, "I wish I knew this before we got married." Life will always be unpredictable, but there are certain topics that must be openly discussed prior to making a lifetime commitment (i.e. literally and figuratively "signing" a legal, financial, emotional and familial contract). We will delve into family of origin to better understand what each of you has learned about love, and discuss the current state of relationships with family members. 

  • Dating Guidance- It is hard to know who to listen to when it comes to looking for a partner. Sometimes you are still grieving the loss of a past relationship, even if it is not your most recent breakup. There are ways to date more efficiently. I take a very hands-on approach in terms of helping people with their dating profiles, facilitating the dating process, and giving specific instructions on what to say and how to date for success. Many people find themselves attracted to those who are not compatible for them because they look for who they think they "should" be with, rather than who is "right" for them. 

  • Family Boundaries- According to family systems theory, there exist generational patterns of behavior, (most commonly- divorce, infidelity, estrangement) that create cycles of dysfunction in families. Identifying these patterns, whether they are related to mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, parental neglect, etc. must be carefully considered and examined closely, if you want to break the negative cycles in your relationship and future family. 


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